Russian soldiers deliver 30 tons of humanitarian cargo to residents of Ukraine

03.03.2022, Moscow.

A 30-ton humanitarian cargo shipment has been delivered to the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on March 3.

Russian servicemen delivered to the towns and villages on the Ukrainian territory near the Russian-Ukrainian border in Kharkov Region humanitarian cargo for the residents of the town of Volchansk and the town of Kazachya Lopan.

The cargo arrived to the territory of Ukraine from the territory of Belgorod region. Containers with humanitarian aid included food – cereals, canned meat and fish, confectionery and bakery products, chocolates and sweets, bottled drinking water. The humanitarian convoy was guarded by Russian soldiers. The humanitarian aid will be distributed to the residents of border towns and villages.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has set up an interdepartmental humanitarian response coordination center at the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation. The staff works around the clock. The staff includes authorized representatives of all federal executive agencies, state corporations and organizations, as well as subjects of the Russian Federation.

The headquarters is tasked with providing comprehensive humanitarian assistance to the population of Ukraine in the controlled areas, as well as the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. The Interagency Coordination Headquarters deals with the safe evacuation of civilians, civilians of Ukraine and foreign nationals.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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