Lavrov: Seizure of Central Bank assets is theft

02.03.2022, Moscow.

The West’s decision to seize the assets of the Central Bank of Russia and private companies is theft, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Al-Jazeera TV channel on March 2.

“They give a damn about all their principles that they imposed in the international arena, also when they started arresting the assets of both the Central Bank of Russia and our private companies. This is just theft,” Lavrov said.

The minister pointed out that “they [the West] have abandoned all those rules that they have been implementing in international life for more than 70 years.” “They have now simply crossed out those rules and returned to the gangster, wild capitalism of the ‘gold rush’ days,” Lavrov said.

According to Lavrov, he is puzzled by the fact that anti-Russian sanctions have covered many areas of life, not excluding sports achievements and cultural exchange. He recalled that in previous years, when the West announced sanctions against Arab or Latin American countries, it was claimed that they were not aimed against ordinary citizens, but against the country’s leadership, so that they would feel the pressure of the world community. Lavrov specified that such explanations for sanctions were given in the Security Council. No one in the West talks about such principles now.

Lavrov also said that Russia is ready to resist any pressure. To be sure of this, it is sufficient to read the history of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, or any other period when Russia was subjected to invasion by enemy armies.

The European Union finally approved the decision to freeze the assets of the Bank of Russia at the end of February. Also, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions against the Central Bank of Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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