Women of Donbass: We are strong, we will endure

01.03.2022, Donetsk.

Women in Donbass sent a huge thank you to Russia and wished their husbands and sons who are at wat now success in the fight against the Ukrainian punishers, about half a thousand women gathered for a rally in the center of Donetsk on February 28, the Donetsk News Agency (DAN) reported.

DAN reported that about half a thousand women gathered in the center of Donetsk on February 28 to express support for the servicemen taking part in the liberation operation in Donbass. They recorded a video appeal in which they expressed their gratitude to the Russian soldiers for the assistance they were providing to Donbass in their fight against the occupiers. They also called on the Ukrainian military to lay down their arms and appealed to the population of Ukraine to contribute to peace with all their might.

Speakers at the rally recalled what women whose husbands are on the front lines have to endure, how they wait anxiously for a call from their husbands, and how they have had to be in this state for eight long years. The women of Donbass talked about how they “have to provide our guys with a reliable rear.”

They said, referring to their men who are fighting the occupiers with guns in their hands, “We, the women of Donbass, are strong, we will endure everything, we will stand up.”

For eight years, the world did not want to notice the suffering of the residents of Donbass, they recalled, “For everyone in Europe and America, we weren’t here. We were not people. We were called terrorists, separatists. They laughed at the fact that our children would sit in basements – in humorous shows in which the current so-called president joked about it. It was funny to them.”

The women said they were far from saying spiteful things in response. “All we’re saying is that they finally saw that we, too, are human beings,” said one of the speakers.

“Many thanks to Russia, the country of God’s choice. I would like to wish our guys peace and health, that they take care of themselves,” said another of the speakers at the rally.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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