Military expert: Handing out arms to civilians in Ukraine is Kiev's agony

28.02.2022, Moscow.

The Ukrainian army as a consolidated structure actually does not exist any more, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said on February 28, according to Sputnik-Latvia.

According to Sivkov, the Ukrainian army has lost central command, and it has fallen into isolated units whose commanders “act at their own risk.”

Sivkov noted that the Russian troops have made an advance of 300-400 kilometers, which requires serious logistics, and this slows down their rate of advance to some extent. However, this does not mean that the operation goes slower than planned. “This is normal,” he stressed.

As a comparison, Sivkov referred to the US operation in Iraq. He reminded that the US land operation lasted more that a month as “in a desert they went to Bagdad two weeks.” The Russian army approached Kiev the second day in a much more difficult landscape. Sivkov also stressed that the US did not hesitate to use any kinds of weapons against civilian buildings, while the Russian army has to observe restrictions.

The expert also noted that the Russian army uses the tactics that it used before in Syria, when it encircled a city leaving one road as a way for the militants to leave in order to later attack them in an open field.

According to Sivkov, all the measures aimed at handing out arms to civilians without any document checks suggest that the Ukrainian government realizes that the Ukrainian army is disabled, and that its condition is worse than that of Hitler’s Germany when Werwolf [organization of subversive activities in the rear of the Red Army established by the Nazis in the end of the Great Patriotic War] was established.

Sivkov also wished the Ukrainian people to combat Nazism with weapons. “Remember how you lived in the Soviet Union,” the military expert urged.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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