80 surrendered Ukrainian border guards transported to Sevastopol

26.02.2022, Moscow.

82 Ukrainian border guards who surrendered on the Zmeiny Island were transported to Sevastopol. No one of them needed medical aid, Deputy Commander for Logistics of the Black Sea Fleet Major General Mikhail Yasnikov said on February 26 speaking to journalists.

“A group of 82 military servicemen from the Zmeiny Island, who laid down their arms and decided to return to their families, were transported by the Shakhter rescue tug to Sevastopol today,” Yasnikov said.

The deputy commander for logistics noted that the servicemen of the Black Sea Fleet expressed respect to the decision of the Ukrainian border guards. No one of them sought medical aid. After legal procedures and consultation with the Ukrainian side, the border guards will be sent home by special buses.

“The Ukrainian servicemen are provided with dry rations and bottled water for the entire travel to the destination on the Ukrainian territory,” major general said.

Previously, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Russia made a missile and artillery strike on the Zmeiny Island killing 13 border guards who defended it. Zelensky promised to award them posthumously as Heroes of Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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