Political scientist: Ukraine begins to blackmail world with development of nuclear weapons

21.02.2022, Moscow.

Ukraine begins to realize that no one will resolve its problems for it; this is why Zelensky has turned to blackmailing the international community with development of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, said doctor of political sciences, expert of Military Political Scientists Association Andrey Koshkin on February 20 in an interview to a correspondent of Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“Ukraine begins to realize that the stake on the USA and NATO that Ukraine made over 8 years is wrong. They believed that the USA and its NATO allies will resolve all their military issues for them. And that the EU will resolve all their economic issues,” the political scientist stressed.

According to Koshkin, the entire West is pushing the sides towards the conflict. Dates of Russia’s “invasion” are announced one after another, and everyone in the West insists that the invasion is inevitable. Ukraine is shocked by the fact that its stake on the USA and NATO has failed, the political scientist added.

“Then they want to trade! Not coincidentally, [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky said at the Munich Security Conference that he would initiate, for the fourth and the last time, consultations of the Budapest Memorandum countries. That if they cannot ensure security that they guaranteed in 1994, Ukraine will recognize this memorandum failed. Ukraine will blackmail everyone with withdrawal of its status of nuclear-free power and development of [its own] nuclear weapons,” the political scientist explained the meaning of the new “card” in Ukraine’s game.

In 1994, the Budapest Memorandum was signed, which guaranteed security after Ukraine joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It was signed by the leaders of the USA, the UK, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the Memorandum, Ukraine took a number of obligations, including remaining nuclear-free, in return for security guarantees.

Later, all the signatories were accused of violating this agreement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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