Opinion: The UK and the US form the London-Warsaw-Kiev alliance against Russia

21.02.2022, Moscow.

Despite the fact that Washington has control over political process in Ukraine, the UK is also actively involved, said Andey Koshkin, head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, an expert from the Russian Military Political Scientists Association, on February 20 to a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent.

“First of all, we should start with Washington and US President Joe Biden. Because after all, the president largely influences foreign policy events, especially in Ukraine, because Ukraine is a project that is completely controlled from Washington,” said the political scientist in regards to where to begin the analysis of the current situation in Ukraine.

According to him, Eastern European NATO member states are the US levers of influence in Europe. At the same time, the UK, which forms its alignments in Europe, takes an active part in the game.

“It should also be taken into account that Washington is quite actively forcing its allies in Europe to comply with demands that Biden puts forward. The eastern flank of NATO – the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and the UK, plays an active part in it. The UK is particularly active in designing these configurations. We are talking about an alliance, of sorts, between London, Warsaw, and Kyiv,” stressed the political scientist.

All these processes are directly related to what is happening along the line of contact in Donbas, noted the expert.

According to media reports, on April 20, there was a significant increase in the intensity of artillery shelling along the line of contact from the Ukrainian side, including shells with forbidden calibers and types. The Ukrainian army is gathering forces for an offensive in Donbas. In addition, the sabotage groups’ activity has increased on the DPR and LPR territory.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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