Sergey Kurginyan: People determine historical destinies, not ratings

07.02.2022, Moscow.

The course of history is determined by strong communities created in the real world, not some virtual one, the philosopher, political scientist, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan writes in his article Toxicity Non-Stop, published in the Essence of Time newspaper.

While I have always been grateful for the sincere support of the views I defend, I have always understood at the same time that historical destinies are decided not by programs with ratings, but by thoughts and aspirations that can create very strong communities, which do not neglect the virtual dimension of our lives, but give priority to actions in real life,” he stressed.

The leader of The Essence of Time added that he spends his efforts and time in accordance with the idea of a so-called historical subjectivity. He explained that the fact that for many years, one or another of his statements turned out to be popular among a more or less wide audience, he has always perceived as some kind of an add-on to his other activities.

Sometimes this add-on was of a greater civic value to me, sometimes less. But it never began to become something that was self-sufficient,” the philosopher explained.

At the same time, the reaction of a wide audience to his defense of Soviet values in the programs Judgment of Time and Historical Trial seemed to the leader of the Essence of Time significant from a civic point of view.

Because there is nothing worse than a historical inferiority complex imposed on the people. The same was true for pursuing a certain line of opposition,” he stressed.

Earlier, the Presidential Human Rights Council discussed the need to introduce a “toxicity” rating for certain statements on the Internet. In his article, Kurginyan listed the reasons why this doesn’t raise any fears for him as an opponent of forced vaccination, whose opinions might be subject to censorship.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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