Medvedev speaks about the dangers of the location of US biolaboratories

28.01.2022, Moscow.

Biological laboratories in neighboring countries, created with the participation of the United States, can become a source of the virus, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in an interview to Russian media published on January 28.

He noted that some of Russia’s neighboring countries hosted biological laboratories in the creation of which the United States was involved. “It’s not about the Americans, it’s about the fact that we don’t know what they [biological laboratories — translator’s note] are doing,” Medvedev stressed.

He noted that one cannot rule out the error of the laboratory personnel or the actions of an insane, which could release a dangerous virus. “This is also not ruled out, we understand that viruses are simulated,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council said.

Medvedev said he himself has seen viruses simulated on a computer. “You can draw some special configuration and, accordingly, a new virus will appear,” he noted.

Biolaboratories were created in several countries of the former Soviet Union. In particular, in Ukraine, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. The media reported that during the uprising in Kazakhstan, the local laboratory might have been threatened.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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