Kurginyan: Several new players are joining the global COVID-19 project

09.12.2021, Moscow.

The world is consolidated enough for the situation around COVID-19 to become permanent, said analyst, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in this article “You Can’t Fight Fire with Kerosene” published on December 4 in the Essence of Time newspaper.

The political scientist explained that the supporters of total vaccination are not at all failing. The process will continue, and it will shape the ultimate social rift as well as a split between the authorities and the people.

“I do not want to say that the vaccinators have totally failed, and a new anti-vaccination era is coming soon. I think something absolutely different will be taking place, and everything that leads to alienation of the public from the state and a split in the public will be done,” Kurginyan believes.

However, according to the political scientist, in addition to the so-called vaccinators, members of the military industrial complex and drug manufacturers will want to participate in the process around COVID-19.

“The military industrial complex (and not only it) can well think the way a hero of Ostrovsky’s play thought, ‘Everything always goes to someone else… Who wouldn’t feel hurt?’” the political scientist noted.

Kurginyan expressed confidence that a conservative resistance to the “COVID insanity” will continue to shape. “A split has taken place in very serious groups inside different branches of the Christian Church. And the Orthodox Church cannot stay aside from this,” the political scientist stressed, indicating that republicans are quite likely to “take all the entirety of the legislative power under their control” in the USA.

“Extent of geopolitical and ideological conflict is growing. Somewhere on the horizon, not too close but already perceivable, notorious forks, or bifurcation points, are already visible,” Kurginyan concluded.

Russia is different than the other participants of the global process, on one hand, due to a higher level of conservatism of its society, and on the other hand, due to a lower than in the West “political and elite-wide organization level.” Also, an acute political process in Russia can only begin after the population accumulates a huge amount of negative sentiment.

“In Russia, no pivots can happen until an outstanding amount of obvious negative sentiment is accumulated. Unfortunately, this often results not in a pivot but in something that can be called turning everything upside down. But it is clear that negative sentiment will accumulate. And it is also already clear that this accumulation will produce certain reactions not only at the bottom, but also in the elite,” Kurginyan believes.

The article also discusses the question who stood behind the publication of the letter signed by 11 chief physicians offering the opponents of the current COVID-19 policy to visit COVID departments, and it summarizes the outcome of the wide circulation of this letter in the media. In particular, it is noted that the story with the physicians’ letter only strengthened the positions of those whom it was addressed, and that the inclusion of the State Duma Vice-Speak Pyotr Tolstoy on the addressee’s list looked very strange.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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