Kurginyan indicates subversive weak spots of the anti-vaccination movement

03.11.2021, Moscow.

The forming anti-vaccination movement can be ruined by disunity, lack of organization, and eccentric members discrediting the movement, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in “The Meaning of the Game” broadcast published on October 15 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The political scientist discussed the defects of the emerging anti-vaccination movement, which can, he believes, result in “an overwhelming defeat.” First of all, he pointed out the danger of “cocky sentiments” among the members of this movement. The joy over the rise of this movement must not make its members blind to its defects, which are obvious to everyone, especially to the vaxxers.

The philosopher drew parallel between the anti-vaccination movement and partisan units, “where every unit has its own position, and were many eccentric figures are present,” who only compromise the movement.

Anti-vaccinators are opposed by vaccinators, who, according to Kurginyan, seek a certain transformation of humanity. “This is a powerful force. This force has huge financial resources and governmental mechanisms at its service, which sometimes can have an influence that is inaccessible to the most powerful financial oligarchs and even clubs of such oligarchs. The connection between the financial oligarchs and the authorities is obvious,” the expert believes.

The disunity and the presence of certain eccentric members among anti-vaccinators are opposed by solidarity and absolute respectability of the vaccinators, the analyst believes. According to the political scientist, the vaccinators can be compared to “a well-organized army capable of following one plan. And this plan is implemented by well-trained soldiers and officers.”

The vaccinators, according to Sergey Kurginyan, are sending their opponents a message, “You have no chance, as any partisan irregular initiatives against a huge regular army. Isnt it time to surrender?”

However, the obvious weak spots of the movement rising against the global transformation through pan-vaccination must not stop its members. The philosopher urges, first of all, to analyze the defects of the anti-vaccination movement, which “must not take the form of self-chastising, self-debasement, and dismay.” And secondly, he urges to overcome the latter. The analyst urges to learn lessons and to remember a Soviet song saying “…strike back at any misfortune, or else you’ll have no luck.”

Those who oppose the vaccinators should overcome “the defects, which can kill the buds of the positive anti-COVID trends, be these respectable, rational, highly scientific etc.,” the expert stressed.

“I believe that their weakness can be overcome, but any overcoming implies, I must stress this again, ability to see and acknowledge one’s own defects,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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