Expert: Internet giants have established censorship on the Internet

29.09.2021, Moscow.

The Internet is no longer a “free space,” large IT corporations have actually established censorship in the global network, general director of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev said at a roundtable discussion “Yandex — aggregator or manipulator?” at the press-center of REGNUM news agency on September 28.

“Everyone, even Americans is tired of Internet giants… We not only find it difficult to find something, we are a priori doomed not to find something that these Internet giants do not want to show us,” Zhuravlev said.

The expert noted that major players of the Internet market have built a “system of non-admission” of information with a huge number of requirements for information, and “the strength of these requirements is that they are subjective.”

“How was it with then in office US president [Donald Trump]?” – Zhuravlev recalled. “The guys [Internet giants – translator’s note] decided that ‘we don’t like him’ … Your ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ will determine my right to get information?”

As reported by Rossa Primavera News Agency, on September REGNUM news agency applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation to take measures of prosecutor’s supervision in connection with the illegal implementation of large scale telecommunication business by “Yandex” LLC.

The agency said in a statement that Yandex is a monopoly that regulates information flows in Russia. At the same time, Yandex is a company with foreign participation, which is forbidden to engage in the large telecommunications business in Russia.

“A significant share of the information technology market of the Russian Federation is occupied and effectively controlled by a foreign corporation Yandex N.V. Limited Liability Company (Netherlands)… Yandex’s activities are seen as a potential threat to state security,” the statement read.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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