Kiev initiates another major military exercise on September 22

20.09.2021, Kiev.

Kiev is planning to start a major strategic command-staff exercise on September 22, the press service of the General Staff of the Ukrainian army wrote on Facebook.

According to the press service, the exercise will be called “Joint Efforts-2021”, and it will take place on the entire territory of Ukraine.

The press service informs that a large number of military equipment and personnel will move across the country’s territory during the exercise.

The General Staff through its press service addressed the country’s population asking “to observe safety measures and order at exercise sites.”

At the same time, the public was notified about “responsibility for photo- and video recording of military equipment, restricted access military facilities of the Ukrainian army, and for any attempts to penetrate into their territory.”

Also, “any flights of drones … in the exercise area, over military bases and test sites” have been banned.

The Ukrainian General Staff warned that any persons launching or operating drones “will be detained and brought to justice.” The same will apply for “provocations neat military bases and military convoys.”

The press service encouraged “responsible citizens to report any suspicious persons or activities to the law enforcement officials.”

For 2021, Kiev plans eight major multi-national military exercises in Ukraine involving at least twenty thousand Ukrainian servicemen and ten thousand foreign servicemen.

These are Ukrainian-US exercise “Rapid Trident — 2021,” Ukrainian-UK exercise “Kozak Mace-2021,” Ukrainian-US exercise “Sea Breeze-2021,” Ukrainian-Romanian exercise “Riverine-2021,” Ukrainian-UK exercise “Warrior Watcher-2021,” Ukrainian-Polish exercises “Three Swords-2021” and “Silver Saber-2021.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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