Expert comments on sabotage in Crimea: In Ukraine, the government acts through extremists

07.09.2021, Simferopol.

The control of extremists by the authorities is a common practice for Ukraine, and the sabotage of the gas pipeline near Simferopol was no exception. The Crimean political scientist Vladimir Dzharalla said this on September 7 in a commentary for Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“Ukraine has very deep roots for such actions. It is enough to recall that Ukrainian ultranationalists, or simply put, Nazis, existed under the direct supervision of both the SBU and the Interior Ministry. One can recall the Nazis of Azov [organization banned in Russia] and Donbass [organization banned in Russia] battalions,” Dzharalla recalled.

He bitterly noted that these punitive battalions killed Ukrainian citizens without trial. At the same time, they have been and are under the direct supervision of the security services of Ukraine.

According to the Crimean political analyst, for some time, the Ukrainian authorities used terrorists and militants for internal political struggle, including organizing demonstrations and attacks on those whom they consider their political opponents. However, according to the expert, the moment inevitably came when they began to use them for sabotage against the neighboring country – Russia.

“And this, by the way, is already an act of aggression. So, the fact that they are trying to work through activists of other organizations, as we can see, is a common practice for the Ukrainian side,” Dzharalla concluded.

We recall that on September 7, the Center for Public Relations of the Russian Federal Security Service reported that the organizer of the sabotage at the gas pipeline in Crimea was the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine.

At the end of August, a group of people planted an explosive device on the gas pipeline of the company Krymgazseti leading to Perevalnoye village in Simferopol district. As a result of the explosion, the village was completely deprived of gas supply.

On September 5, five members of the extremist organization Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (organization banned in Russia) were detained. The extremists were charged with sabotage.

On September 6, US spokesman Ned Price said that the US condemns the detention of those who organized the sabotage of the gas pipeline.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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