Source: Russia is prepared to support military operation in Deraa province in Syria

06.09.2021, Damascus.

Russian forces will provide their support to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) if militants in Deraa province fail to comply with the settlement agreement, a Rossa Primavera News Agency source in Syria reports on September 6.

Russia will support the military operation if militants refuse to comply with all the provisions of the agreement,” said the source. Terrorists have until 10 am on Monday, September 6 to comply, added the agency’s source.

A meeting between a high-level delegation from Russia and all participants of the agreement preceded to the ultimatum. The situation in Deraa province was the central topic of the discussion after militants refused to fulfill the provisions reached earlier. 

On September 5, terrorists opened fire on residential areas and SAA strongholds in the city of Deraa. Government forces responded by striking militant’s headquarters and positions in the city of Deraa al-Balade. To this point, neither side has provided reports on casualties.

On August 31, an agreement to resolve the conflict between the Syrian government forces and the militants controlling the city’s center was reached with support of Russia. According to this agreement, militants had to lay down their arms, go through a vetting process by the Syrian special forces, and return to a peaceful life.

Those militants who refused to reconcile were supposed to be relocated to Idlib province, in the north of the country, controlled by the pro-Turkish armed gangs. Special buses were provided to the city for their transportation.

On September 4, militants in Deraa made an announcement that they refused to fulfill the previously reached agreement to surrender their weapons. In the meantime, they had asked Russia and the Syrian government forces to provide them with a safe passage to enter Jordan or Turkey, and they received a permission

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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