Kurginyan questions Ukraine's sovereignty

27.07.2021, Aleksandrovskoye.

Ukraine appeared after the illegitimate Belovezhye Accords, and this is why its sovereignty can be questioned on the international level, philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on July 15 on the Donetsk Union channel.

According to Kurginyan, Ukraine’s appeals to international law regarding threats to its sovereignty face the problem of illegitimacy of its exit from the USSR.

Speaking about the history of the appearance of independent Ukraine, which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin outlined in his article “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” Kurginyan noted that the disintegration of the Soviet Union was illegitimate, and the State Committee on the State of Emergency (Russian: GKChP) cannot be considered its cause.

“I have always repeated, no one can explain to me whether the GKChP members were heroes of the USSR or criminals, why the Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR had to stop operating, and why the laws regulating the procedure of the exit of the republics from the USSR had to be annulled,” Kurginyan explained.

According to the political scientist, if Ukraine had exited the USSR not they way it wanted to but according to the law, then Crimea, as well as Novorossiya, the Kharkov region, and many other regions, would have remained part of Russia. The same applies to Moldavia and Transdniestria.

Kurginyan insists that those who signed the Belovezhye Accords on the division of the USSR violated the law, but the law itself could not become invalid because of their “eccentric actions.”

“These people could either be called heroes or sentenced to prison terms, but the state should not have even stirred, but it disintegrated, and this disintegration is illegitimate,” the analyst believes.

The leader of Essence of Time stressed that Ukraine cannot appeal to international law after it exited the USSR violating the law. That law was acknowledged by the Helsinki Accords on inviolability of borders.

The illegitimacy of the Belovezhye Accords allows for revising the issue of the allegiance of Ukrainian territories.

“However, in order to do this, we have to call Yeltsin a criminal, instead of building centers to commemorate him and saying that this was a reasonable action in our history,” Sergey Kurginyan concluded.

According to the law “On the procedure of resolving issues associated with the exit of a union republic from the USSR” of April 3, 1990, republics of the USSR could make a decision of exit the USSR after a referendum in each of their autonomous regions. However, they would have to resolve numerous military, financial, and economic problems over a multi-year transition period regarding the fate of the all-union property, facilities, and organizations as well as regions that would choose to remain part of the country.

On December 8, 1991 in the Belavezhye Forest in Belarus, Boris Yeltsin, Leonid Kravchuk, and Stanislav Shushkevich signed accords that dissolved the USSR and established the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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