Russian Senator: Kiev’s ill-advised flirting with China will cost Ukraine dearly

20.07.2021, Moscow.

Official Kiev’s attempts to build relations with China are fraught with great difficulties for the current Ukrainian authorities, the head of the Information Policy Commission of the Russian Federation Council Aleksey Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel on July 20.

Earlier, the extraordinary adviser head of the Office of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky Aleksey Arestovych said that if Ukraine lacks support from the West, Kiev could build connections with China. In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities can afford to ignore the opinion of “Western partners,” in particular, on such issues as the “Steinmeier formula” on the settlement in Donbas in its current form. Arestovich expressed confidence that the West, including the USA and Germany, had no way to prevent Kiev to take these steps.

“Ukraine’s flirting with China, even if it gets some development, will cost it [Ukraine] dearly with respect to its relations with the West,” Pushkov wrote.

“The reason is that Biden is creating the ‘alliance of democracies’ against China, and Kiev’s hopes for Beijing do not fit into this strategy in any way and can only cause irritation in Washington and Brussels, as well as a desire to put Zelensky in his place,” he added.

In particular, the day before the USA together with its allies accused China of supporting the hackers who carried out the attack on Microsoft.

“Yes, and in Beijing, they know the price of today’s Ukraine. Its only foreign policy tool is constant blackmail,” the Russian senator continued.

“But Ukraine’s blackmailing of Western patrons with rapprochement with China is an unwise idea as unwise and it is fraught with trouble for Kiev,” concluded the head of the Information Policy Commission of the Russian Federation Council.

Arestovich later said that he did not talk about the possibility of changing the current course of Ukraine, while it was only about the rebalancing of interests, if they are surrendered.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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