Mexico's leader assails the middle class

15.06.2021, Mexico City.

Mexico’s middle class contains a segment that has always been extremely selfish and reactionary, Mexican leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador said during a press conference at the National Palace on June 14.

“There is a segment in the middle class that has always been extremely selfish, turning its back on its neighbor, being overambitious. What it strives for is to climb to the top, to climb as high as it can, without any remorse, without any moral suffering. They are the advocates of uncompromising actions and oppose progress. It’s amazing, but they are the ones who support corrupt governments,” López Obrador said.

He attributed this to the fact that the middle class is susceptible to manipulation, seeing only itself and not others.

Earlier, Mexico’s president, commenting on the weak result of the Morena government party in the past elections, noted that the middle class was influenced by the anti-government campaign, believing in foreign-promoted memes like “false democracy.”

“The most part of the middle class was influenced. They believed the populist stories that we wanted to get re-elected at all costs. They believed memes about the ‘tropical Messiah,’ the ‘false Messiah,’ and so on,” Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained.

“At the same time, they go to church every Sunday, confess, and communicate with each other. And there is nothing. And the next Sunday it’s all over again,” the country leader added.

On the eve of the polling day in Mexico on June 6, major foreign newspapers issued a number of publications with appeals not to support the ruling party in Mexico. One such article in The Economist called the Mexican president a “false messiah.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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