Opinion: Die Welt thinks that Mexico’s sovereignty is “incompatible” with democracy

04.06.2021, Santo Domingo.

Die Welt, founded by the British occupying forces during the Allied Occupation of Germany in 1946, is known not only for its Russophobic agenda but also for its rejection of everything that even vaguely resembles the state policy aimed at strengthening the national sovereignty. Rossa Primavera News Agencys analyst Nikolai Felix commented on June 4 on the German daily newspaper’s claim that President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador “is incompatible with democracy.”

According to the analyst, the German national newspaper, banned in Egypt for distributing material insulting to Islamic believers, joined a number of other major Western mass media (such as The Economist) by vehemently criticizing the left-wing Mexican president.

The accusations range from lack of support for radical feminists and scaring away investors to accusations of authoritarianism. But despite these sometimes blatantly far-fetched claims, López Obrador continues to strengthen the country’s sovereignty while restoring social justice in historically one of Latin America’s most unjust societies.

López Obrador, despite all internal and external obstacles, is leading the country toward self-sufficiency in the energy sector. Mexico, unlike other Latin American countries, is pursuing a post-pandemic economic recovery without resorting to loans, including from the World Bank and the IMF. The government of this North American country has managed to attract a record amount of foreign investment this year, mostly in the real economy, the analyst pointed out.

In a recent publication of Die Welt titled This messianism is incompatible with democracy [in German – Dieser Messianismus ist unvereinbar mit der Demokratie], the author accuses Obrador, who is going to hold a referendum on June 6, of “messianic insanity,” “authoritarianism” and the use of the armed forces of the country to combat organized crime. Also, according to the authors, the head of Mexico “does not respect” his political opponents and “questions the role of the Green Party.”

The author of the German article conclude that the people of Mexico support their president because of their low level of education.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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