Lukashenko warns about the danger of a world war in case of conflict in Belarus

26.05.2021, Minsk.

President Aleksandr Lukashenko warned about the danger of a world war because of provocations in Belarus at a meeting with members of parliament, members of the Constitutional Commission and representatives of the state administration on May 26, BelTA informs.

At the meeting, Lukashenko said, “I appeal to the entire world community: there is no sense in destabilising Belarus!”

And he added, “We are a small country, but we will respond adequately. There are similar examples in the world. And before you make any rash moves, remember that Belarus is the center of Europe. And if something breaks out here, it’s going to be another world war.”

The President of Belarus also urged the society to prevent all sorts of provocations that could harm the country.

According to him, the events of the last two days have shown that they won’t let Belarus live in peace, they will “provoke and blame, break [the country].”

“But we have to stand firm. Unity of the citizens is especially important for Belarus now. We can’t allow the society to split on any grounds. On the national, religious or any other grounds,” he said.

Lukashenko pointed out that now patriotically-minded people had to be involved in governing the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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