Leader of the Greens party in Germany advocates supplying weapons to Ukraine

25.05.2021, Kiew.

Ukraine cannot be denied defensive weapons, co-leader of the German party Alliance 90/The Greens Robert Habeck said on the air of the Deutschlandfunk radio on May 25.

“In my opinion, it’s hard to deny Ukraine weapons for defense, for self-defense, weapons of a defensive nature,” Habeck said. “Of course, we are a party that has its roots in pacifism, and every conflict is grief, and when people die, it’s bad,” he added.

Nevertheless, the politician believes it is possible to supply defensive weapons to the conflict zones for self-defense.

The election program of the party Alliance 90/The Greens declares the necessity to prohibit the supply of weapons to the conflict zones. Instead, the Greens are demanding stricter control over arms exports from Germany and other EU countries.

Habeck is also visiting Ukraine these days, where he has already held talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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