Opinion: Kravchuk in fact proposes a confederation in Ukraine

09.03.2021, Moscow.

On March 8, Ukrainian representative to the Trilateral Contact Group Leonid Kravchuk essentially supported the confederative division of Ukraine with his statement about the possibility to preserve the USSR in the form of a confederation, Rossa Primavera News Agency’s political analysts Viktor Toporov believes.

On March 8, speaking on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel, Ukraine’s representative in the Trilateral Contact Group and the first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said that in 1991 Yeltsin proposed to preserve the Soviet Union as a confederation, but after a conversation with Gorbachev he suggested that the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus sign the Belovezha Accords.

“Kravchuk is in fact saying, ‘If they had transformed the USSR into a confederation, it would have been good. Gorbachev shouldn’t decline to do this.’ Then it would be good to transform contemporary Ukraine into a confederation, too! There are as many contradictions between western and eastern Ukraine as there were between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic,” Toporov explained.

The political expert believes that by taking a provocative tone in the negotiations on the Donbass, Kravchuk understands how a possible military escalation will end. “Escalation in Donbass will end with the complete collapse of the Ukrainian regime and a real confederation in Ukraine, which is what the Minsk agreements stipulate,” the expert stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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