Kurginyan: The contemporary Ukrainian elite is destroying its history and people

28.01.2021, Moscow.

The Ukrainian elite’s actions to turn Ukraine’s history into a black hole are destroying the country and the people, political scientist, conflict theories expert, and leader of the Essence of Time social movement Sergey Kurginyan said on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Russia One TV channel on January 25.

The political scientist explained that in order to move in any direction it chooses, Ukraine, as a historical entity, must have its human past as a foundation, otherwise it will destroy itself.

“Ukrainian heroes who fought Hitler, the deeds of the first Soviet five-years plans, Russian history from the era of Catherine the Great and beyond, the great figures of Ukraine in the Russian Empire. Ukraine can’t dismiss this. To dismiss this is like starting to tear your guts out. First the guts, then the liver, then the heart. This is the kind of frenzied suicide that the contemporary Ukrainian elite is engaged in. It could say anything they want about Putinism, but they are not talking about Putinism – they are destroying themselves,” Kurginyan stressed.

Since there is nothing else, the elite begins to fill the resulting historical void with low-brow myths about Ukrainians digging the Black Sea and the like.

“You create a giant void in the place of your history. And you start throwing around shameful materials, nonsense there. <…> Why? Because you need something to fill it with. It is a howling void that you have made yourself,” the political scientist portrayed the historical and cultural destruction of Ukraine.

And what the elite fills this void with forms the new Ukrainian nation – with all the resulting consequences.

“What kind of Man are you creating? What monsters will be born when you fill the great Ukrainian history, Soviet in the first place and Russian history, with this garbage? How will the people, whom you are force-feeding this to, eat this garbage? Some of them will vomit, but some of them will eat it. Can you imagine the consequences? This is the ruthless brutal destruction of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian culture, everything,” Kurginyan outlined the consequences of such a policy.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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