Kurginyan: Biden’s party makes preparations to reformat the US population

28.01.2021, Moscow.

The defeat of Donald Trump’s party and the reprogramming of the US population have become the main goal of the new US President Joe Biden’s team, political scientist, conflict theories expert, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said during the broadcast of the Right to Know! Program on the Russian TVC channel on January 23.

Kurginyan described the mass violations during the 2020 presidential election in the United States as something unprecedented.

The political scientist pointed out that the Republican Party reported mass ballot-stuffing, votes cast by dead people, blocking Trump in the media and harassment on social networks. The Democratic Party violated US law as if it were trying to break down the door to the kitchen in its own apartment with a crowbar for a cup of tea.

“Was it for the sake of having a cup of tea in the kitchen [arranging mass falsification of the election results] and not for something bigger?” Kurginyan posed the question.

The situation is that supporters of the US Republican Party and many US citizens believe that Trump’s victory was stolen from him. So, Trump can even the score in the next US election, Kurginyan pointed out. According to him, it is unlikely that the Democrats have made such a mess to lose to their opponents in four years. Therefore, they will be up for something serious to rob the Republicans of a rematch, the political scientist noted.

Kurginyan believes that Joe Biden’s team will try to reformat the US population and defeat the Republican Party by calling its supporters members of a cult who need psychiatric treatment.

“All this should be physically exterminated; all these people are second-class citizens; concentration camps, infringement of rights, then digital dictatorship begins …, “ the political scientist did not exclude this strategy of the Democratic Party.

“People came to power who explicitly stated that black people are racially superior, that they [Black people] have more melanin,” Kurginyan described the Democratic Party’s statements.

According to the expert, Biden’s team cannot allow the return of Trump’s team, so they are going to “purge” all political opponents.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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