National Military Museum of Ukraine published a postcard with a Nazi collaborator

19.01.2021, Kiev.

The picture of a Nazi collaborator was printed on the Christmas card of the National Military Historical Museum of Ukraine, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky wrote on January 19 on Facebook.

“The National Military Historical Museum of Ukraine congratulates Ukrainians on Christmas with a portrait of a Nazi war criminal, commander of the 109th Auxiliary Police Schutzmannschaft Battalion and commandant of the Ukrainian auxiliary police Ivan Omelyanovich-Pavlenko,” Dolinsky said.

He noted that Omelyanovich-Pavlenko was involved in the mass extermination of Jews in the cities of Vinnitsa and Belaya Tserkov, as well as on the territory of Belarus.

On January 7, the National Military Historical Museum of Ukraine posted on its website a greeting card with a photo of Omelyanovich-Pavlenko and his letter of congratulations to General Vovk on the occasion of Christmas.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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