Kurginyan names the master and goal of the COVID-19 project

09.01.2021, Moscow.

The processes launched in connection with COVID-19 are part of a global project to restructure the entire world in a way similar to what Fyodor Dostoevsky described as the “Grand Inquisitor” project, philosopher and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated on January 5, in a new episode of his film series “Coronavirus – its goals, authors, and masters”.

“The master of the new project, which he has not yet revealed to humanity completely, and which he is going to carry out under the guise of this COVID mask, is a kind of real neo-Nazism, moreover, in a global form,” said Kurginyan.

He stressed that contemporary humanity exists on the wreckage of the consensus between the liberal and conservative forces within the universal project of Modernity, with its humanism and development but with different views on the significance of the national component. Kurginyan added that now attempts are being made to restructure the world in a completely different manner, but such restructuring requires resources that neither the richest individuals in the world nor groups of such individuals have.

“It is not people like Schwab [Klaus Schwab – the founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s comment], like Gates, big pharma, or someone else has what it takes to create the human base for the new global project. One has to travel further down this path to find the real actor planning the project, the real new creator history, who has the necessary capabilities and motivation,” stressed Sergey Kurginyan.

He explained what kind of human resources the actor needs have in order to be up to the task of restructuring the world:

“This is a different scale of capabilities: it is power over millions and millions, sometimes tens, hundreds of millions of people who are ready to do something either by directive or following a suggestion.”

Kurginyan also described the qualities that such a community must have to accomplish such a large-scale task:

“It is a cohesive community of people who are ready to sacrifice anything so long as their shared vision is brought to fruition. These are people who are bound by iron discipline, who are willing to inherit a certain goal-setting, instead of turning the achievement of their own goals into a fight over power.”

According to Kurginyan, such qualities are rare and only the core of the ruling class, but not the class as a whole can possess them. And one of the global projects on the agenda today is the project described by Fyodor Dostoevsky in the parable of the Grand Inquisitor in The Brothers Karamazov.

According to Kurginyan, who references historians of the intelligence community, the “Grand Inquisitor” or “Blissful Child” project is being carried out by elites within the CIA and several other Western power centers. The end goal, as Dostoevsky described in his novel, is to create a social order, in which the elite has unlimited power to control the infantilized masses, who are stripped of their free will and even their capacity to distinguish between good and evil, and are led to believe that the elite is acting in their best interests.  

Other elite groups are engaged in other projects, which are no less gloomy than those described by Dostoevsky. Kurginyan is convinced that “at the moment,it is mostly those who desire the implementation of the Grand Inquisitor project who are using COVID as a tool – it is the very segment of the ruling class that started the COVID process, or rather the great game around a serious disease that has been blown out of proportion.

In the article published on Project Syndicate on June 3, 2020, the founder and president of the World Economic Forum in Davos Klaus Schwab declared that humanity will never return to the old world, because it must do everything for the sake of a “Great Reset.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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