Kurginyan talks about Stalin’s spirituality

01.01.2020, Moscow.

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was a deeply spiritual personality, theater director and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov, published on December 24 on the SolovyovLive YouTube channel.

According to Kurginyan, only those who have not read his early poems can consider the Soviet leader devoid of spiritual qualities.

“The lines of his poem ‘He walked from one house to another’ can be heard in my play ‘Shepherd,'” the theater director said.

Kurginyan recalled that Stalin was supposedly acquainted with the famous Russian philosopher and mystic George Gurdjieff.

Gurdjieff was, as some believe, Stalins teacher. It is unknown whether this is true or not. But Gurdjieff was a strange and profound man,” Kurginyan noted.

Stalin wrote the poem “He walked from one house to another” in 1895, when he was 17 years old [the poem translated as a plain text].


He walked from one house to another,

He knocked on the people’s doors;

He walked with his old oak panduri*

He was signing his simple song.

But singing his song, within it

Pure, like the shining sun,

The song held the great truth inside it,

It held an exhalted dream.

The hearts that had been turned to stone once,

He could make them beat again,

He woke up the minds of many,

Who slumbered in darkness deep.

But instead of greatness and glory

The people of his land,

Poured poison and offered the outcast;

And gave him the cup to drink.

They told him, “You damned, you cursed,

Drink, to the very last drop…

We find your song alien and foreign,

And we do not need your truth!”


Another poem, “Morning,” also composed by the young Stalin in 1885, is widely known in Georgia. It is still included in the Georgian ABC book.


*Panduri is a traditional Georgian three-string plucked instrument. It is used to accompany solo heroic, comic and love songs, as well as dance.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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