Russian film director: The world is transferring to an era of absolute control over Man

28.12.2020, Moscow.

The coronavirus epidemic has become a convenient tool for those who benefit from maintaining the restrictive measures, Russian film director Karen Shakhnazarov said on December 27 on the Sunday Evening program on the Russia One TV channel.

Shakhnazarov summed up the results of 2020 and noted that the past year was marked by unprecedented changes in the entire world order. The film director pointed out that the need for quarantine and restrictive measures introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic caused a fundamental transformation in the social order.

“The impression is that some kind of a new world is being created. A new world in which a Man becomes a totally controllable creature <…> This is not allowed, that is not allowed. Calls are controlled <…> Man suddenly found himself in that world, which, quite possibly, is coming,” the film director shared his opinion.

Shakhnazarov explained that this situation has become a temptation for the global political elites. There is a desire to prolong the possibility of controlling society and each individual person, he said.

According to Shakhnazarov, global humanity is transferring to a world of absolute dictatorship and total control over every person, as described in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

“This creates great temptations for all political elites to maintain this situation. And it can be maintained endlessly. <…> One could not deny that people get sick and die…But the changes that are taking place in society in connection with this epidemic are truly unprecedented.

This, indeed, has never happened in the world. Society has not become a controlled society, much like what George Orwell predicted in his famous novel 1984. But this is already very close.”

Shakhnazarov stressed that he has long been concerned about the possibility of society transferring in the direction of growing authoritarianism.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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