Political scientist names a factor that has had a great influence on the results of the US elections

20.11.2020, Moscow.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter won the presidential elections in the USA since they played such an important role that it was impossible to ignore them, political scientist Sergey Mikheev said on November 20 on the Vesti FM radio broadcast.

According to Mikheev, despite the fact that the digital giants do not have their own armies, armed units, that these giants do not collect taxes from people – they are actually already replacing the state.

“Because when they silence a legitimately elected president of the country and get away with this, when they introduce censorship and directly affect the election campaign and election results – what kind of Russian hackers could one talk about? – This is called power,” the political scientist explained.

According to the expert, digital giants need power, and this power must be absolute, “this power of digital communities – it must come out of the jurisdiction of the very democracy that the Americans are talking about, this power that is not elected by anyone, not appointed by anyone and not controlled by anyone.”

“Yes, their representatives were called to congressional hearings and said a few words about this, but they neither gain nor lose. And Biden won,” Mikheev concluded.

Earlier, the lawyer Sidney Powell of Donald Trump’s campaign office said at a press conference that Venezuela, Cuba and China may have influence on the equipment for vote counting in the USA.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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