Philosopher: Collapse of the USSR has led to monstrous breaking down the Soviet people consciousness

17.11.2020, Moscow.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a monstrous breaking down people’s consciousness, philosopher Timofey Sergeytsev said on November 16 on the Vesti FM radio broadcast.

The philosopher noted that in 90s all Soviet path – economic and social – was broken down.

“What can be even more significant is that it was a monstrous breaking down the consciousness. It was just like a drug withdrawal,” the expert stressed.

He specified that, on the one hand, the USSR citizens put an end to the Soviet faith and the secular belief in communism. On the other hand, people began to experience a monstrous discomfort without this element of consciousness.

“And some people really turned to something else. Let’s believe in what they believe in the West. It is impossible not to believe in anything. Well, how this could be? We have to believe,” concluded Sergeytsev.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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