Culturologist explained the excessive interest in “cats” on the Internet

12.11.2020, Moscow.

Increased attention to animals is emerging amid general cynicism and disbelief in a human, culturologist, writer, deputy director of the Center of historical examination and state forecast under RUDN University Boris Yakemenko wrote on November 10 on his Telegram-channel.

“It is interesting that amid current general cynicism and disbelief in a human, attention and versatile interest in animals is increasing resulting in all these millions of pageviews of cats,” Yakemenko wrote.

He explained that people have “unspent feelings, which they cannot address to someone. And these accumulated feelings are addressed to animals, because they are “sincere, honest, unfeigned, trustful, faithful.”

As an example, he cited a phrase from the Soviet operetta film Die Fledermaus, “Schultz has a very nasty temper, and his wife can leave him at any moment. But the dog will never do this.”

“And this is true. Sincere affection, love of dogs for homeless people and tramps (stray dogs attach to many of them) makes a very deep impression. He is poor, dirty, drunk, shabby, ugly, disgusting to everyone, and still it lives with him, because only it sees a person in him, feels warmth,” explained Yakemenko.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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