Is the West preparing anti-Russian provocation using coronavirus vaccine?

28.10.2020, Moscow.

The West is preparing an anti-Russian provocation using the Russian-made coronavirus vaccine, the Nezygar Telegram channel reported on October 26.

According to the authors, all methods and approaches will be employed to introduce a fake about “Russian killer doctors” into the Western media space.

Fake information about “victims of Russian coronavirus medicine,” the authors believe, will be introduced into the media in their traditional low season in late December this year and early January.

“Maybe a child or a pro-Russian businessman (see Christophe de Margerie case) will suddenly die of the ‘Russian vaccine,’ or the ‘Russian vaccine’ co-administered with certain drug products will suddenly have a severe adverse effect. The details of the provocation make no difference, because no one is going to provide any evidence of ‘Russia’s guilt,’” the channel reports.

According to the authors, this information has been confirmed by military and diplomatic sources.

This approach based on provocation and fake news has long become West’s proven method to justify its pressure on disloyal states and regimes, including military operations. Examples include anti-Russian sanctions after the “Skripal poisoning” case, the “Navalny poisoning” case etc.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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