Kurginyan names alternative to "inhuman" vaccination

24.10.2020, Moscow.

In certain cases, the use of a vaccine can aggravate an illness or modify it in a dangerous way, said political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in a new broadcast of the documentary “Coronavirus: Its Goals, Authors, and Masters” published on October 20 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

“There were certain setbacks from time to time, but they did not end up in the center of attention. And only in the last fifty years have scientists obtained irrefutable evidence that life-saving antibodies obtained through vaccination are not always life-saving. In certain cases, they strengthen the disease instead of weakening it. Moreover, antibodies can make the disease more acute and modify it to be qualitatively more dangerous in such instances,” explained Kurginyan.

The expert’s conclusion is based on contemporary research, “This information was obtained by real scientists working on the scientific frontier. Scientists, whose work includes both identifying these dangerous consequences of certain vaccines and using vaccines.” “There is a certain scientific rationale that has nothing to do with dissent to COVID or to vaccination, with a deep fear of vaccinations as such, and anti-vaccine ignorance,” stresses the political scientist.

Kurginyan goes on to identify the problem of modern society, which comes down to the fact that the modern “consumer” has little understanding of what is happening on the scientific frontier, and can be easily persuaded to consider anything credible. Such a state of mind can easily evolve into “rigid pseudo-intellectual arrogance.” People with power in Russia and the West can also be considered this type of “consumers”.

“And if gentlemen over there in the West are led by themselves and their masters, those in power in our country are led by these Western masters under the direction by someone in pharmaceutical companies and the deep state. Both our institutions of power and their Western counterparts are essentially ordinary consumers. Moreover, the kind of consumers who will never use their brains in order to understand what is happening on the scientific frontier. And, on the contrary, they will consider yesterday’s discoveries learned in some very flawed lessons to be the last word in modern science, or more precisely, its eternal word. And they will consider themselves to be the speakers of this word, that is, viewing themselves as exceptional,” explains Kurginyan.

This state of affairs will lead to a situation where all available means of state suppression will be used under the pretext of saving people, society and humanity from disease.

“And how can one reckon with the opinion of savages, with destructive elements? Such an opinion must be rejected in the name of human salvation. Given that the way to salvation is obvious – a quarantine, a vaccine, and so on. And those who know this method will rescue the humanity, disregarding the uncivilized savage resistance in the savage segments of the population. And to save everyone from those who they call savages they will use the police first, then the army. Eitherway, itisviolence,” says the expert.

Ultimately, this will lead to splitting humanity into groups. Kurginyan identifies this as one of the main problems of the technocratic and transhumanistic development of the world. He sees communism as the only alternative.

“But communism is possible only when the mission is defined not as profit or comfort, but as devoted human ascension. And it is possible only on the basis of human involvement in what is known as genuine participation in the human search for the truth, in the human striving to overcome the present understanding of everything in the world, in the passionate participation of all in what metaphysics describes as the spiritual fire. And that, of course, includes the desire to advance, and to know exactly what and how it moves forward, superseding something that yesterday seemed unconditional, and creating something new that in a sense will also be superseded later,” noted the expert.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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