Does science have no nationality? Russian State Duma’s member comments on the usage of the sanctions in the USA

23.10.2020, Moscow.

Refusal to publish a paper by Russian scientist from the side of the American Geophysical Union’s management cannot be tolerated, member of Russian State Duma committee on education and science, doctor of physic-mathematical sciences Hajimet Safaraliev said on October 23 to Rossa Primavera News Agency.

Safaraliev commented on the information that the American Geophysical Union refused to accept for consideration the article of specialists from Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) because the international sanctions are imposed on Russia.

“There have never been such precedents before. Science has no nationality, and it should not be targeted by international sanctions. What scientists do in Russia, in the USA, in other countries, is work that will benefit all of humanity. The science is international,” said the scientist.

He stressed that the US behavior has dropped to a level that is unacceptable. However, he noted that there are some positive aspects in this situation.

“We must create our own rankings, publish our own scientific journal and do all this at the highest world level. Why should we look at Americans and Europeans? I have been in science for many years and I know different ratings. I have also sent articles, published in American and European journals. But why should I depend on the fact that some specialist, who is not better than me, will determine whether I am worthy of publication in this journal or not,” the scientist asks a question.

Safaraliyev emphasized that Russia should create its own high ranking journals of world level and pursue its own scientific policy.

“We humiliate ourselves. We have to raise our level. I am not advocating any “hurrah-patriotism”, it is not needed here. But we need to respect ourselves. We have to love our homeland. Half the world is focused on Russia. And we should understand this and conduct our rankings. Let it start with something small, perhaps. But in the end, as it has already been with defense sphere and with situations involving completely new technologies, this will result in showing Russia has a huge potential and can compete with any country in the world,” PhD concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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