Expert: The West has prepared distance learning for underdeveloped countries

16.10.2020, Novosibirsk.

Bearers of idea of globalization and multi-tiered humanity aggressively promote their vision of education, member of Community Council under the Ministry of education of Novosibirsk region Aleksandr Volkov said on October 14 during his speech at the round table devoted to problems of family in modern times.

In his presentation, the expert noted consistent progress and drawbacks of implementation of distance learning.

“Slowly, step by step, since there are no provisions in the Law on Education in the Russian Federation about such a form of education, Russian adherents of the idea of ‘distance learning’ began to introduce new forms of education, such as ‘Digital learning environment’,” Volkov noted.

The speaker went on to say that the implementation of distance learning is not limited to the time frame of the coronavirus pandemic, and this is what high-ranking officials are talking about. However, parents and specialists report a decline in children’s physical and mental health and poor quality of learning materials.

In addition, Volkov pointed to the consequences of distance learning for families:

“Distance education is a nonsense at all. Even before the pandemic, school directors were concerned about the growth of deviant behavior among students. So what will we get if we give the educational function only to parents? In the nineties it was already done, and we got the growth of asocial behavior. In this situation the problem may be even more acute, as working parents are forced to leave their children at home alone. And neglect is the most frequent reason to take children from their families.”

An assistant officer of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Novosibirsk region and family public organizations attended the round table.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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