Honduran scientist: Quarantine can cause more harm than a pandemic

15.10.2020, Tegucigalpa.

Honduran scientist, neurologist and expert consultant to the World Health Organization Marco Tulio Medina suggested to soften quarantine and revive economy to avoid even more harm than coronavirus pandemic would cause, as La Tribuna reports on October 14.

Medina stated that weak economy is a factor of health deterioration in itself. According to him, the point at issue is “possible increase of malnutrition as well as growth of other disease cases under the conditions of extreme poverty.” The scientist also noted that during the pandemic, little attention is paid to other diseases besides COVID-19, and the fight against them is no less important for public health.

According to Medina, quarantine, which has been lasting for seven months in Honduras, provided an opportunity to prepare for the pandemic – to understand what the new coronavirus is and how to treat people sick with it, to strengthen the health system. This helped to reduce mortality and begin developing a vaccine.

The scientist said that quarantine had already achieved certain goals, and now the country needs to be able to revive the economy, because otherwise people could suffer even more than from the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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