Expert: Provocation involving Navalny is a planned "symphony"

23.09.2020, Moscow.

The incident with “poisoning” of opposition activist Alexei Navalny is a planned “symphony”, Associate Professor of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Sergey Karnaukhov stated on September 23 on the air of the Vesti FM radio station.

“At first we had disparate facts. But with the lapse of time, I think everyone noticed that everything concerning the incident with Navalny began to resemble very efficiently and thoroughly planned ‘symphony’,” Karnaukhov said.

He added that it wasn’t clear what the plan was, because one way or another, more and more new instruments appeared, and all these instruments merged into a single composition. “It is amazing that everything seems to be performed without a hitch,” the expert noted.

“Yesterday, after a strange publishing of the material in Le Monde, with this alleged ‘leak’, many things begin to look differently. This information reveals not the composition itself, but the notes. What am I talking about?” Karnaukhov posed a question.

He noted that hints to Latvia are a traditional pattern while referring to “Novichok”. “We remember that the Latvian meddling was traced in Skripal case. There were hints to the well-known story of Ivan Kivelidi’s poisoning in 1995, and when the principal offender Khutsishvili was detained 10 years later, he said that he had bought the poison from a Latvian riot police officer, a certain Talanov, who bought it at the black market,” Karnaukhov informed.

According to him, the situation with Latvia, Lithuania and the Baltic States in general looks a little different, and Le Monde played a bad service to the whole Navalny team, hinting at the actual facts.

“The chief of Navalny’s staff, Leonid Volkov, left Russia for the Baltics with Roman Rubanov, and they are travelling around Europe,” the expert said. According to his information, the train Moscow-Kaliningrad goes through Latvia and there he makes a short stop.

“Representatives of Navalny’s team Vladlen Los, Ivan Zhdanov and Georgy Alburov made a habit of taking tickets to Kaliningrad without reaching the destination. They get off in Latvia to meet with Volkov, and we don’t know who else they are meeting with,” Karnaukhov said.

According to his information, before the incident with Navalny, there were many such trips, the train comes back [from Kaliningrad], the members of Navalny’s team take it and return to Russia – this is a kind of a conspiracy. He added that they had also repeatedly travelled to Turkey to meet with Volkov.

“Today, Russia should consider Latvia as a Western intelligence agencies’ outpost, an outpost of the opposition members, where they prepare planned mass provocations against Russia,” Karnaukhov said.

On September 22, French newspaper Le Monde published an article retelling the conversation of Russian and French presidents about the situation with Alexei Navalny.

In 1995, the head of Rosbiznesbank Ivan Kivelidi was poisoned. This is the only documented case of poisoning with a “Novichok”-type nerve agent.

Vladimir Khutsishvili, a member of the Board of Directors of Rosbiznesbank, poisoned Kivelidi. He got the poison through several intermediaries. The substance in the glass ampoule first got through acquaintances to a riot police officer in Riga, who had acquaintances in a laboratory in Shikhany, Saratov region, and then he sold it to Khutsishvili.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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