The West is after Putin's blood – attitude towards Lukashenko reveals this

15.09.2020, Moscow.

The ultimate goal of the West is that Putin and Lukashenko share the fate of Milošević or al-Gaddafi, Rossa Primavera News Agency observer Anton Chirkov thinks.

“Behind the blinking of the Telegram channels, behind the festivities in Minsk, which someone may find harmless, there is a thirst for blood. People fixed on their hatred, who want to see first Lukashenko and then Putin in The Hague, feel it,” the columnist explained.

According to Chirkov, one people after another are being deceived by the “sheep’s clothing” in which the West appears during the Orange Revolutions. Chirkov added that this appearance became traditional for the West during the Cold War against the USSR.

“There is a strong impression that Milošević or al-Gaddafi and society in their countries until the last moment did not believe until the last moment that the ‘partners’ would do this to them,” the observer noted.

Former presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo said that a group of foreign lawyers is preparing documents to bring Alexander Lukashenko to justice in an international court in The Hague.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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