Solovyov: Belarusian opposition takes money from NATO member countries

15.09.2020, Moscow.

The phrase “the fate of the Union State” sets opposition activists’ teeth on edge, TV host Vladimir Solovyov said on September 15 in a broadcast on the Vesti FM radio station.

The TV host noted that on the one hand, the Belarusian opposition is trying to say, “Come now, we are not against Russia”, but on the other hand, they could not control themselves, and we see with whom not the people of Belarus but the leaders of the so-called Belarusian opposition are.

“Are they in Russia? Are they trying to communicate with Russia? No, they are defecting to Lithuania, they are defecting to Poland. They are arranging the consultations with the NATO members countries with funding from these countries without hiding that,” Soloviev said.

Do they discuss the future of Russia and Belarus, their Union State, asks Solovyov. “It is the phrase ‘the fate of the Union State’ that sets their teeth on edge,” the journalist said.

After the presidential elections in Belarus, which were held on August 9, protests began in Minsk and several other major cities of the republic. People who disagreed with the preliminary election results took to the streets. Against the backdrop of the protests, the Opposition Coordination Council was established.

On September 10 the Lithuanian parliament adopted a resolution according to which Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was called “elected president of Belarus.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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