Political scientist points out the strangeness in the story about Navalny’s poisoning

20.08.2020, Moscow.

Political scientist Armen Gasparyan pointed out the strangeness in the story about the poisoning of famous blogger Alexei Navalny on August 20, commenting on the situation at the request of the Federal News Agency (FAN).

The political scientist is puzzled that the story took place shortly before the trial in the case of insulting a Great Patriotic War veteran, on which Navalny is being prosecuted.

“As you know, his suspended sentence is not yet over. Accordingly, if he is found guilty, there is a danger for him that the next term will be real,” Gasparyan reminded.

The political scientist also drew a parallel with the incident that happened in September 1989 when the future Russian President Boris Yeltsin was allegedly thrown from a bridge by an unknown man. This gave Yeltsin an opportunity to accuse KGB and the Soviet government of persecution.

Finally, Gasparyan is suspicious that the incident with Navalny happened against the background of tension in Belarus.

“I strongly dislike the fact that at the moment when the groundless demands are heard that Russia should not interfere in the affairs of Belarus, and all these demands come from the West, something unexpectedly happens to Navalny. And immediately the all transparent media start groundless to claim that he’s been poisoned, that ‘mean KGB’ has done this and so on,” said the political analyst.

The consideration of the case of Navalny’s libel against the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, 93-year-old Ignat Artyomyenko, was scheduled for August 24.

The story about Navalny’s poisoning was immediately covered by the world media, publishing news about the incident on their frontpages marked “breaking news”. The news called the blogger a fighter against corruption, the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and recalled the previous case when Navalny claimed he had been poisoned.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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