Is “Revolution” in Belarus needed to simplify a nuclear strike on Russia?

19.08.2020, Moscow.

The removal of the radar station in Hantsavichy, Minsk region, from the common missile attack warning system for Russia and Belarus will significantly weaken the Russian missile defense system, Yuriy Bardakhchiev, an expert at the Kurginyan Center, said on August 19 in an interview with a correspondent of  Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“Removing such an important element from the general missile warning system as the radar station in Hantsavichy, which monitors the European missile-threat direction, would deal a severe blow to its warning capabilities,” the expert said.

Bardakhchiev added that this system was created for several decades and is a legacy of the mind and talent of Soviet and later Russian engineers and designers. The “holes” that did not allow it to be considered completely impenetrable were finally eliminated only a few years ago.

The missile attack warning system common to Russia and Belarus consists of complex monitoring ground-based and satellite-based warning subsystems, which allow determining the threat level of any objects flying in the direction of the borders of the two countries from the air and from space in just a few seconds.

Only two countries in the world, Russia and the United States, have such a system, Yuri Bardakhchiev stressed. It is not just an essential element of  Russia’s overall military security system, but also one of the few confirmations of the highest technological level that the country has reached.

“Is not the removal of the radar station in Hantsavichy, and as a result, a significant, albeit not fatal, weakening of the missile attack warning system one of the goals of the ‘revolution’ happening in Belarus?” summed up the expert.

Recall that in the Minsk region of Belarus there is a stationary radar station 70M6 “Volga”, which is an element of the Russian missile attack warning system. A separate radio engineering node “Hantsavichy”, on the basis of which the station is located, was created in the 1980s and occupies more than 200 hectares.

Russia uses this radio engineering node on a long-term lease, it is part of the Space forces structure. Information from the node is transmitted to the Main Centre for Missile Attack Warning in the Moscow region.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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