Former Chief of Armenian police uncovers goals of Soros’ network

14.08.2020, Yerevan.

The common goal of the Soros’ structures is the destruction of the state, even if their members sometimes do not guess about it, former Chief of the Armenian police Colonel-General Vladimir Gasparyan said on August 13 in the PRESSING author’s broadcast of Satik Seyranyan on

“Soros has many NGOs in Armenia. If we look at their programs, we can say what “good” programs grandfather Soros is implementing. People involved in this can even swear that they do nothing against the state, at the same time they behave in such a way that one can believe them,” Gasparyan stated.

“However, about ten of these organizations are like that, but sixty of them are organizations, groups, networks, residents …,” explained the former Chief of the police, adding that it is proper when the National Security Service speak about this.

According to him, among the structures funded and directed by the Open Society Foundation of George Soros “there are also combat, political units,” and suggested that all this will soon be seen.

“Globalists and Soros have personal interests that destroy the states,” he said.

“If you see these processes and think that at this stage they will stop, you are wrong. If the current authorities show independence, they will immediately take appropriate steps against them,” warned the former Chief of police.

On August 8, the journalists of Radio Liberty Armenian service (media recognized as foreign agent in Russia) stated that while preparing a piece on illegal development on the shore of Lake Sevan they tried to film Gasparyan mansion. According to Radio Liberty (media recognized as foreign agent in Russia) journalists, the former Chief of police threatened to kill them and even tried to run into them with a car.

On August 9, Gasparyan’s lawyer Tigran Atanesyan announced his intention to file a suit against the journalists of Radio Liberty (media recognized as foreign agent in Russia) on behalf of the former Chief of police. The purpose of the suit is to protect the right to inviolability of home, confidentiality of personal and family life. The lawyer added that Radio Liberty (media recognized as foreign agent in Russia) is “the basis of a foreign agency network.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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