Pushkov calls upon Kiev to think about Ukraine’s destiny after the Eurointegration

05.07.2020, Moscow.

Ukraine has not yet understood: the EU-Ukraine association means the destruction of country’s industrial potential, Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said on July 5 on his Telegram channel.

Pushkov stressed that the main objective of disrupting Ukraine from Russia and integrating it to Europe is to turn the country into a market for European goods.

“The idea is not to support Ukrainian production but to turn Ukraine into a market for European industrial goods. It is a purely colonial scheme for an “independent” Ukraine that Zelensky enjoys discussing. Independent of common sense,” concluded the Russian Senator.

The European Union has warned the Ukrainian Parliament that European banks might cease lending to Ukrainian companies, if Kiev adopts a law on the state support of machinery. Brussels believes that the law, which demands the localization of production, contradicts Ukraine’s commitments on public procurement under the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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