Historian: Myth of Soviet occupation of Baltic States was made up by Nazis

24.06.2020, Moscow.

Hitler’s propagandists made up the myth about the occupation of the Baltic States by the Soviet Union, the Director of the Baltic Center for Historical and Social Political Research Viktor Gushchin said on June 23 at a roundtable discussion “The Joining of the Baltic States with the USSR: New Documents, New Research Outlook.”

“…A major propagandist of the thesis of the occupation of Latvia was Doctor of International Law, a Baltic German, Professor of the Kiev University Dietrich André Loeber, who served in the Brandenburg-800 intelligence and sabotage unit,” Gushchin noted.

According to the historian, Loeber and his Estonian colleague Meisner were actively spreading the propagandist myth about a continuous history of the Baltic republics that was interrupted by the Soviet “occupation.” After the war, this idea was adopted by the Baltic Nazi collaborationists.

According to Gushchin, the formation of independent Latvia in 1990 brought nothing positive to the people. The West was the only side that benefited from the break of friendly ties with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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