US Special Representative for Syria: Stop "dreaming" about good relations with Assad

19.06.2020, Washington.

The first round of the US economic sanctions against Syria aims at negating the military success of  Bashar al-Assad’s government and they will be continued until the US reach an acceptable political solution, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Levant Affairs and Special Envoy for Syria Joel Rayburn said in an interview with the National Interest on June 17.

“It aims to foreclose any potential economic benefit from a so-called military victory and deny the regime access to international financial markets until a political solution can be reached,” explained Rayburn.

He added that the Caesar Act is a signal for those who “dream” of normalizing relations with Assad.

On June 17, the United States imposed sanctions on 39 individuals and legal entities in Syria as part of “the Caesar Act strategy on the protection of civilians in Syria. This is stated in a statement published on the website of the US State Department by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The aim of the law is to bring Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to trial for alleged human rights violations during the Syrian Civil War. The Caesar Act was named for a Syrian military defector, codenamed Caesar, who allegedly revealed evidence of mass torture in Syrian prisons.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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