Head of a mass media outlet: Moldavia's opposition cares about sponsors, not to the people

16.06.2020, Kishinyov.

Maia Sandu’s government was formed from members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are accountable not to the people, but to sponsors from abroad, said the head of the TASS news agency representative office in Moldavia Valery Demidetsky, in the Mechanism of action with Elena Levitskaya-Pakhomova TV program on NTV Moldavia on June 13.

“I do not understand politicians who enter the electoral race with calls that they would make life better, they would bring people back, they would build the economy, they would stop theft, corruption and so on. And then (after elections) they hold themselves accountable to Western donors. ‘Monica Macovei [a Romanian politician, lawyer and former prosecutor, currently a Member of the European Parliament from the European Conservatives and Reformists and formerly a member of the Romanian Democratic Liberal Party – translator’s note] praised me twice, Siegfried Mureșan [currently a Member of the European Parliament from the National Liberal Party – translator’s note] complimented me three times, another one complimented me.’ Gentlemen, why don’t you enter the electoral race with these slogans?”  said Valery Demidetski.

Third-rate European officials say what Moldavia should do and how. The Republic is not able to choose its own path, said Demidetski.

Maia Sandu’ s government included people having little to know leadership experience, they know nothing, but they claim that they are able to do everything. Even from the right-wing camp, they say that Maia Sandu’s government has been the worst government in the country’s history, said the head of the TASS news agency representative office in Moldavia.

Former Prime Minister Maia Sandu was in office from June 8 until November 14, 2019. She represented the pro-European political block ACUM. Some Moldavian analysts believe that this resignation was beneficial, first of all, to Sandu herself.

Moldavian analysts believe that the benefit of resigning was score political points before the 2020 presidential election. Otherwise, she would have undermined her ratings due to the lack of socio-economic improvements promised by the right-wingers if they came to power.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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