Russian senator: An ideological revolution is taking place in the USA

09.06.2020, Moscow.

The revolutionary situation that has arisen in the USA following the race riot has an ideological, but not social nature, Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov wrote on June 9 on his Telegram channel.

According to Pushkov, what is happening is not a victory of the liberals over the conservatives, but it is a more fundamental ideological reformatting. “A moderate liberalism is being replaced with an aggressive, violent political correctness. This is no more just a concession of the traditional conservative forces to the liberals with their admiration for the rights of minorities, but this is rather a crystallized radical ideology, which promotes ideological (and then social) terror against those who do not share these views.”

The Russian senator believes that the number of supporters of this radical ideology in the USA will grow, “This radical ideology has already engaged the young generation of journalists and the students’ campuses that produce future political elite of the nation. This elite will be even less tolerant to any discontent than the current one. […] The media will enforce this ideology to the general public.”

Pushkov believes that these processes will radicalize the US foreign policy. “It will become still more radical, at least on the Congress level.”

In this situation, according to the senator, Trump as a traditionalist “is declared a deadly war.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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