Russian Foreign Ministry: Information about Wagner Group in Libya is U.S. State Department’s fraud

09.06.2020, Moscow.

Information distributed by foreign sources and the U.S. State Department about the presence of the employees of Wagner Group personnel in Libya is based on fabricated data, said Mikhail Bogdanov, Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister in an interview published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram on June 9.

Bogdanov noted, “The reports by some Western sources, including the US Department of State, about the alleged presence of Wagner Group personnel in Libya and their involvement in hostilities on the side of Haftar’s LNA are mostly based on fabricated data, and are aimed at discrediting Russia’s policy in Libya.”

The diplomat stressed that these reports are based on information from completely unreliable sources. Often, Haftar’s opponents are involved in distribution of this information.

He stressed that it is impossible to prove the reliability of a number of “facts” on which the accusations of Russia are based. “Many of the statements, especially those that directly concern the above mentioned Russian citizens, are unsubstantiated. The people who are allegedly fighting in Libya have not even left Russia,” said the diplomat.

Bogdanov drew attention to the fact that the lists of people accused of participating in hostilities in Libya ” have been copy-pasted from the ill-famed Ukrainian database Mirotvorets.”

Moreover, the equipment in Libya, which has been delivered to the country long ago, is now presented as newly arrived from Russia, said Bogdanov.

The U.S. and Turkey have repeatedly reported that about 2 thousand mercenaries from Wagner Group are fighting in Libya. Moreovr, on June 7, Turkish agency Anadolu, referring to the testimony of “Russian agents” allegedly captured in Tripoli, reported that Russia plans to create a military base in Libya.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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