Kurginyan: Bill Gates is an errand boy, not an omnipotent demon

06.06.2020, Moscow.

Bill Gates is not big enough to be the main demon in the 21st century, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement, analyst and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan on June 5 in his original broadcast “The Meaning of the Game” released on the movement’s YouTube channel.

He explained that Bill Gates is certainly involved in political games and other games around the coronavirus; moreover, the Bill and Melinda Gates regularly play a visible role in these games.

However, even if Gates is seeking to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for the victory of some abomination, his powers are absolutely insufficient for this victory, said Kurginyan.

Because one should have not only money (it is evident that Gates’ fortune is not enough for such global operations); but more importantly, he needs a large number of vigorous people who will follow his orders, explained the expert. However, Gates does not have such people, and one cannot hire them for money, since other principles of control are required here, stressed Kurginyan.

Nevertheless, Gates is deeply involved in something grand and utterly ominous, having to do with the transforming the world and ushering in the final enslavement of humanity, said the expert. This involvement needs to be examined in greater detail.

In 2003, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation allocated 200 million dollars to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Given the fact that NIH’s official annual budget amounts to tens of billions of dollars, Gates did not significantly help the NIH with his millions, but rather he paid a certain “entrance fee”, said Kurginyan.

In this way, according to the expert, the NIH and Gates “together” established an initiative called Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH) — a platform for non-transparent operations.

In 2013, the Gates Foundation became a “partner” of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT) – the first international public-private partnership to gather together the Japanese Government, a consortium of Japanese pharmaceutical companies, the United Nations, and global charities.

The analyst pointed out that Gates played the intermediary role in this case in order to unite the efforts of the US NIH-oriented groups (very powerful groups) with Japanese groups of comparable power.

“All this obviously started to revolve around the familiar stuff about biological weapons. Even in the moment when this began, one felt uneasy. Meanwhile, almost every big pharmaceutical company is implicated in scandals on kickbacks through some foundations,” the political scientist added.

Kurginyan stressed that we are talking about an attempt to redistribute enormous sums of money earmarked for the global fight against infectious diseases.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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