Calendar with Nazi war criminals calendar outrages the Israeli and German ambassadors to the Czech Republic

27.05.2020, Prague.

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Meron and German Ambassador to the Czech Republic Christoph Israng expressed outrage over a calendar of Nazi war criminals published in the Czech Republic by Nase vojsko publishing house, German magazine Spiegel informed on May 27.

The SS Generals Reinhard Heydrich and Karl Hermann Frank, as well as Josef Mengele, known for his crimes against humanity and for his medical experiments on people, can be found among the war criminals depicted in this calendar.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic announced the preparation of a lawsuit against the publishing house in connection with the propaganda of National Socialism and the glorification of war criminals.

The Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic Daniel Meron reacted to the publication of the calendar with Nazi war criminals, “I am shocked and disgusted that such a calendar, with images of Nazi war criminals, is being sold.”

He was supported by the German ambassador to the Czech Republic Christoph Israng. “Products that glorify the worst criminals in human history are unbearable. I cannot understand that someone makes, sells or buys such trash,” he wrote.

Earlier, Nase vojsko publishing house was responsible for producing depicting Hitler, but it was let to go unpunished at that time.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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